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Posted by Jeannette on 22 April 2011

I bought the last item from Ikea last night after work and moved the final bookcase in today.  With some rearranging it is now finally done.  I can guarantee it’s not going to stay this tidy for long, I’m already itching to get in there and make a mess!

This is the view from the door. 

This is from the far corner looking back at the door.  The bookshelf outside the door now needs a new home somewhere else, I just don’t know where yet.

This is the right hand side from the door going towards the window.

This is my cutting area (notice my brand new toy which arrived this week)

And this takes us back to the door again.  I decided to get a Dining room table rather than a desk because I would like to start having crafters around and this was the only way to go.  The table as it is now against the wall fits 4 – 5 people comfortably. If I move it away from the wall that will accommodate another 2 – 3 .  If it’s fully extended I could fit 10 people but it may be a bit of a squash for the room size.

The bookshelf above replaced the white one,  I can get my books on this one and still display cards and projects, whereas the white one was not deep enough for the books.  You know how everyone has a hideaway space, cupboard etc to hide what you don’t want or need to be visible?  Well I have one too and it’s called my bedroom, so that’s the next room that needs to be sorted out.  But first I think I need to get creative!

Hope you enjoyed looking.



8 Responses to “My Craft Room”

  1. Colin said

    Now you can come and make my garage look as tidy please!!!!!!

  2. Tracy said

    Your craft room looks great. Nice thing about a dining table is also that you can spread out. My table is long, but narrow and things keep falling off the back.

  3. Joanne said

    That is fabulous – you will spend many happy hours there :0)

  4. Wow Jeannette, looks excellent! nicely organised, I wish mine was this tidy 😉
    Hugs xx

  5. Sarah B said

    Jeanette, It looks fabulous, I love the new toy too, ;0 I like!!!!!!!!!

    I bet you are going to spend a lot of time in here. I remember when mine looked like this until for about 5mins!!!!

    Enjoy it you so deserve it!!!

    Take care sweetie, It was lovely to see you!! I think now your craft room is done, I’ll have to gate crash to test out the room around that gorgeous table.

    Hugs Sarah B X

  6. Ciara said

    wow, what an ace craft room! You should submit it to !!

  7. Julie said

    LOVE it JEannette, looks fab!! Jules x

  8. Rosie said

    Oh its yummy but … well its very pure and tidy! Needs some creative mess, bright curtains, a few decorations and LOTS OF PINK he he he

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