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Back Again!

Posted by Jeannette on 11 October 2009

I’m back, so sorry I haven’t blogged in such a long time.  I was away on holiday in Scotland, had a really FAB weekend with My Stampin’ Up! Mum, Sisters and Cousins (I’ll be a posting all about that as soon as I catch up with everything), and I have had the most unbelievable time with my teeth.  I’ve had some extensive work done on them over the last couple of months.

The last work being done was to crown my back lower teeth, I had a week with temps on and then two with the permanents, but the last three weeks have been unbearable.  I’ve been on painkillers every 4 hours or so and on Friday morning at about 3am they decided to stop working.  For those that have had bad toothache you’ll know that it’s all over, sometimes you can’t even identify the tooth which is causing all the trouble.  I had toothache in teeth that I don’t even have anymore.  Friday afternoon I finally had a root canal done, it took my Dentist about 5 minutes to figure out which one it was. I had left if for so long as firstly I was on holiday and had the weekend with the Girls, then I was back at work after being off for two and a half weeks, and finally I really was hoping it would all settle down by itself.

Well Friday night I was starting to think all was going well and that I would have a good nights sleep especially as I’d been up since 3am.  Sadly no such luck, I woke at 4:30 with toothache.  I panicked slightly thinking we’d done the wrong tooth, but this time the pain wasn’t as intense as before and I was hoping that it was only due to the work that had been done.  Last night I went to bed with my glass of water and pain killers, fell asleep and woke up at 7:45.  Woo Hoo! The pain killers were still on the bedside table.  It’s now after two in the afternoon and I’ve not had any all day.

So here’s to things getting back to normal and being able to think and concentrate again.  That is till next Friday, my second last appointment to do my final two teeth.  It would have been my last one but the root canal has put me out by a week.



3 Responses to “Back Again!”

  1. ~ Ali ~ said

    OH my Jeanette you have been through the works i can sympathise as I too have had root canal. I’m petrified of the dentist however go faithfuly every 6 months. Glad you are on the mend was starting to get really worried you hadn’t posted 😀 Look forward to seeing more scrummy creations when you feel better. Big hugs , mwah.

  2. elizabeth said

    Very glad that toothache has settled down – just the worst pain!

    SO happy we are all on a webring, so I can visit you regularly.

  3. Stephanie said

    Welcome back *ouch* I’d rather give birth than have a toothache / visit the dentist lol – *Big Hugs* xxx

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