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No Card Today But….

Posted by Jeannette on 23 June 2009

……I’ve changed two things in the last week.  Moving from Blogger to WordPress.  I must admit at first I thought I’d made a mistake but now that I’m getting used to it and  figuring out how things work I’m so glad I did.   There’s some functionality that Blogger has that WordPress doesn’t, like Followers but what did we do before Followers became available?  I know I used RSS Feed and I carried on using it after I started using Followers.

Which brings me onto the second thing I’ve changed!  Internet Explorer for Mozilla Firefox.  Why didn’t I do this before? it’s fantastic, I love it!  Again, I did need to figure a few things out but now that I have, IE is history.  They have this add on called Brief which manages your RSS Feeds and it lets you know if there are any updates without having to even go and look, IE for the last couple of months had only updated my feeds when The PC restarted, unless I refreshed each one individually.  Not good when you have well over a hundred.  It’s also really easy to go back to any of the last 25 posts of any Blog that I have a feed to.  Another thing I like is that I can have a link of my favourite and popular sites as Buttons on the Toolbar.

Another thing that makes life easier is that if you see a link that you like all you have to do to bookmark it is right click, select bookmark and choose a folder.  It’s that easy.

Two changes that I’m really glad I made.  What have you changed lately?  Anything interesting?


2 Responses to “No Card Today But….”

  1. Ann said

    Gosh Jeanette you do sound knowledgeable – I use Firefox but only because my son put it on my laptop. But I’ve not had any problems (that I know of!). Haven’t got a clue what most of it means!

  2. Helen said

    I’ve had firefox for quite a while now & didn’t know about the RSS thingy, I have loads of bookmarks though!

    Cant think of anything I’ve changed recently other than the look of the hallway in that its now carpet-less because of the dog & the thunderstorm!!!

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