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Thank You Helen

Posted by Jeannette on 4 June 2009

I got these two lovely awards from Helen, now I’m sure as everybody knows I’m notoriuos for not returning the favour when it comes to Blog Awards. It’s not intentional I promise, it’s just that I keep thinking I’ll do it later and then something else comes up, or I can’t think who to pass them onto etc, you know all the “time related excuses”. Well I promised Helen I would post straight away and so here I am.
I’m passing both these awards onto the Ladies who have given me Awards in the last few months to which I’ve not passed on again as a way of saying sorry, and that I did appreciate them thinking of me. If you were one of these Ladies please take these awards and leave me a comment so I know who you are and I’ll go look for the award you originally gave me and post it on my Blog and I’ll add your name here too.


3 Responses to “Thank You Helen”

  1. Nicki said

    and can i say – well deserved!
    Well done Jeannette on your awards.

  2. Gvendalen said

    Congrats on you award, Jeannette!

  3. Elle-phan-tastic cards said

    your very welcome hun. I know what you mean I have to d it straight away or I'll forget!! x

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