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NWR Digi Course – Lesson 4

Posted by Jeannette on 8 July 2008

I’ve been so busy this last week, I thought I’d never get time to Craft or Scrap. I had a project that needed to be completed for work and was working 12 – 14 hour days since last Tuesday in order to meet the Deadline. Well that’s done now so onto what I Love Best!

I can’t believe this is the Last Week for the Course. This is my Layout for Lesson 4, it’s a DOUBLE PAGER! I really enjoyed this one (mind you I’ve said that about them all, LOL). I find it really hard to come up with the Journaling for Pages. I think it might be because I want to get the page finished and then panic that it might not sound so good. I’ve started telling myself that I can always change it later if I really don’t like it, so that kind of makes it easier.


One Response to “NWR Digi Course – Lesson 4”

  1. Anne said

    Love it Jeannette got to try and get round to doing some scrapping myself

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