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NWR Digi Course – Lesson 3

Posted by Jeannette on 30 June 2008

Here’s this weeks LO for Lesson 3. I can’t believe that next week is our final week! I’ve learnt loads doing this course and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll definately be doing the next one “Digi In Deep” when it comes up. Our Digital Photography course with Candice Stringham started today and boy is this one well needed.

Digital is so versatile now, you can change paper colours and correct photo’s and all sorts of things, but with the photography course I’m hoping I can save time by taking photo’s correctly in the first place.

5 Responses to “NWR Digi Course – Lesson 3”

  1. Rachel said

    How cute well done.

    I have nominated you for an award, go check out my blog.


  2. Anne said

    Gorgeous Jeannette love it well done you

  3. Tina said

    Love it, he is so cute well done.

  4. Wendy said

    your pages are getting better,
    I love the way the photo is on the background paper.
    this course looks well worth the time and expence, you seem to be learning a lot.
    well done you.

    PS left some comment further down

  5. ScrapMomOf2 said

    OMG, that face! Look at those cheeks! What a cutie! Awesome page!

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